The Importance of Branding, Graphic Design, and Logos

Graphic Design

March 21, 2024

Did you know that over 70% of consumers would prefer to buy something from a brand they are familiar with?[1] So, how do you become a recognizable brand? The best way to start is to be consistent with your messaging, branding, and design elements.

Why Is Design Work So Important to A Business?

Design work is vital in helping brands stand out from the crowd. We’ve talked about the importance of standing out in past posts when we’ve discussed branding photography, and graphic design work is similar.

Good graphic design not only attracts an audience, but also engages them in a process, increases credibility, builds consistency, and assists in the sales process. It creates a recognizable brand, evokes emotions that lead a consumer through a buying journey, and enables visual communication with your audience.

Since people often see pictures before reading words, your designs’ colors and images make the first impression of your business.

What Does Design Work Include?

Graphic design includes elements such as colors, typography, logos, and images that are consistently used to help tell a story. Other parts of design work include designing a website, marketing materials, or images for social media.

Why Does Design Work Matter?

When you have great branding that leads to consistent messaging and a logo that engages your audience, you create a recognizable brand that works for you. It attracts new clients and ensures that your audience remembers your business.

How Do You Create a Recognizable Brand?

First, we gain an understanding of your brand’s values and messaging. Then, we work with you to create a logo and branding guide. Key considerations for logo design include determining your target audience and determining the emotions and values you want your logo to evoke. Additionally, your logo should be recognizable and work well in various sizes as well as digital and print. It also should be unique to your brand, and your brand only.

For instance, if you look down at someone’s sneakers and see a swoosh, you know they are Nike. Think about what that means when you see the brand. What does it mean to you?

Color psychology is also an essential component of graphic design and logo work. Different colors influence perception, so understanding how they affect your brand is crucial. Lastly, typography plays a vital role in expressing brand personality. Different font styles impact brand personality differently. For instance, did you know that serif fonts are considered traditional and more formal, while sans-serif are considered modern?

What’s In a Branding Guide?

Your branding guide is your stylistic design bible and provides a consistent image throughout your printed materials. It incorporates typography, color schemes, marks, and submarks. It will give you a few variations of your logo, such as a horizontal or vertical logo, an icon without any words, and, potentially, just the words.

Why Is It So Important To Get Your Logo and Branding Right The First Time?

Have you ever talked to someone who, maybe six months to a year after starting their business, wanted to rebrand it? They wanted a new logo, new colors, new everything.

Rebranding after a year can cause you to lose all the brand equity you have created over the year. The recognizable elements of your brand will be gone, and your target market, along with your clients, might be confused.

What Services Can We Offer?

At Smitten With Bliss, we can assist you throughout your design process. We can create graphic design elements that define or tie into your brand, create logos, and provide you with branding guides.

Separately, we can help you rebrand your business or your website or work with you to complete a total rebrand.

Your message matters. Let’s get it right the first time and create a recognizable brand that will attract new clients and ensure your audience remembers your business.

Interested in hearing more? Send us an email. We’d love to chat.


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