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Prior to booking your session we will discuss-
- Your business services / product
- What you want to get out of the session
- Who is your target audience
- What you need your brand to say
- Your timeline and any concerns
- Any props you envision using

Once we have everything booked, I will create a photoshoot vision board based on our consultation discussion. You will receive a style guide along with the vision board as well guidance for number of outfits recommended and how to cheat the outfit count system.




Booking process is pain free. I will send you the booking link where you can choose your date and time to fit your schedule. Once on the schedule I will get back to you with a booking confirmation, contract and invoice. I will confirm with any spaces, models, hairstylist & make up artist for you.

Solopreneurs & Personal Brands

Branding photography

The day of your photoshoot you can relax. Enjoy getting pampered by hair and make up. All of the set up is taken care of for you. The photoshoot is fun and moves quickly as you are walked through each pose and prompt. 


Your full gallery will be delivered in the following 2-3 weeks via online gallery system. From there you will be able to access the gallery, download images, even purchase prints for the next 2 months. 


- 2 Hour (one time) Branding photoshoot
- 1-2 locations
- Professional Hair and Make up
-8+ short form video clips

Starting investment


included in the booking

Remember those gorgeous images your favorite *inspiration* account posts? You know, the one in the same field as you that just seems to have the right photo for the content that you needed to see?

That didn't happen by accident. Branding photography can be a huge game changer for your website and your social media. You may even find yourself *gasp* excited to post on socials again. A whole photoshoot focused on you, your business, and your brand.

headshots & branding


Imagine a world where every month you open your inbox to a new gallery filled with gorgeous images of your products...and they are all on brand. Did you just breathe a sigh of relief? 

Creating this world is just a consultation away! Set up monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual branding sessions. As a retainer client you get first dibs on scheduling plus the special retainer rates. 

No more searching for a decent photo that might work, you'll have dozens of professional images ready to wow your potential clients.



Send an email request to set up a consultation so we can discuss what will best fit your needs. These plans are completely customizable. 

Retainer branding photography

Stay Consistent

Retainer booking inquiry

product photography

beginning investment: $1,125

Flat lays offer the opportunity to grab several different shots of the same product, dressed up with on brand or seasonal 'decorations'. By switching up the angle, the framing and the 'zoom' of the shot you can stretch one set up for several different posts.

The flay lay product sessions are priced by the product. The first 12 products start the package at $1,150. Each additional product adds $55. The 12 product package includes 45 images. More images are available for purchase. You can also opt in for reels or B roll of your products. 

 flatlay Product

beginning investment: $1,275

Give your product the human touch. We will discuss your target audience during our consultation and find models who fit your needs from there. Model fee will vary.

Modeled sessions are charged per product. 12 products cost $1,275 as a starting point. Each additional product is $65, I am happy to discuss larger packages. The 12 product package includes 45 images. 


If your budget doesn't allow for a big one- off photoshoot, OR your products are ever evolving & rotating. Check out these packages to see if they better fit your needs. As always, send an inquiry to get started on building a custom package, or retainer package molded to your business. 


i love working with businesses who...

Are ready to up level their website and social media imagery.

Recognize the value of professional product photography & brand photography.

Are excited about their products and the business they have built.

Restaurants, Boutiques, Shops, etc

Brand Product photography

Once a session date and time is agreed on, you will receive a contract and deposit. The contract must be signed and the deposit must be paid within 48 hours of receiving them. After all of the nitty gritty is taken care of, its time to plan! You will get guidance on location, style, themes (holidays or changing seasons anyone?) and overall brand look you would like to achieve.

This is the moment we have trained for. Your session day! Good news, you get to enjoy the day and process. Let me take control of the shoot and direct all of the moving pieces.




In order to have an easy breezy shoot day, we have to get organized ahead of the session. We will discuss props, times, locations, models, products to be featured, etc. Don't worry, I live for a good spread sheet. 

What to Expect

GET Booked

Once your session is over you'll receive a few sneak peeks within 3 business days. Your final gallery will be done within 2-3 weeks of your session.

When you receive your gallery you will be able to go through and select your favorite images to download.


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