Beyond The Traditional Senior Photoshoot – Different Types of Senior Photos

Senior Photography

March 13, 2024

Ready to get some senior photos taken, but wondering what types of pictures to get to capture your magical last year of high school?

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of capturing who you are as a graduating senior and how to select the right photographer and photo package.

In this blog post, we will explore different types of photos you can take during your senior year to make lasting memories.

Senior pictures should be fun. They should celebrate who you are at this moment in time, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. They should be fun, candid, and lighthearted.

What Types of Senior Photos Should You Consider?

Cap and Gown

There’s nothing quite like having pictures of yourself in your graduation cap and gown to signify your accomplishment. Graduating high school is a significant milestone, and these pictures will make for proud memories and possibly find a place on your parents’ walls.

Group Pictures

Commemorate your senior year with pictures of you and your friends. This may be the last time you’re all together before heading off on different paths. Capture the good times and special moments you’ve shared throughout your high school years with some fun group photos.

Personality and Lifestyle Pictures

Showcase your true personality, hobbies, and interests after 12 years of schooling. Bring props that represent your hobbies or any items that reflect your individuality. Spice up your pictures and let your sparkling personality shine through.

Sports Photography

Commemorate your years of playing sports by taking photos on and off the field and in your uniform. (If you post the sports photography blog AFTER this one, link to the blog after it is posted and say To read more, check out this blog, entirely dedicated to sports photography.)

Yearbook Photos

Last, but certainly not least, are the yearbook photos. Many seniors opt for a professional yearbook picture session with a few outfit changes. Your high school may have specific requirements for the yearbook photos, so ensure you understand the guidelines to give your yearbook a uniform look and feel.

What To Ask Your Photographer

Ask your photographer about location, outfit changes, types of packages offered, how they handle inclement weather, and turnaround time.


Determine whether a studio setting or your favorite place would be ideal for the shoot. Do you prefer an urban or natural environment with greenery, park benches, a beach, or a lake as the backdrop?


Plan how many outfits you should bring, whether the photos will focus on the upper body or include full-body shots, and if shoes are important to capture.

Turnaround Time

Another consideration to discuss with your photographer is their turnaround time, especially if these pictures are for your yearbook photo. Discuss the expected timeline for receiving the edited images. Ensure that your photographer understands any deadlines you have and allow ample time for them to complete the editing process.

For more details on what to ask your photographer and things to consider as you choose your senior year photographer, read our blog about the importance of senior photos.

Final Thoughts

If you want more than one type of photo, such as combining a cap and gown shoot with headshots or group pictures, communicate your preferences to your photographer. Work together to plan out the types of images you want to capture and find a location that can accommodate multiple styles.

Graduation photos can be such a fun experience, or they can be daunting. We are here to ensure your graduation photography session(s) are another fun and memorable experience that you have during your senior year.

Ready to book your photos?

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