When Is A Retainer Plan The Best Fit?

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December 13, 2023

Have you ever been in the midst of planning next month’s marketing content, only to realize you didn’t have the right photos? Trying to figure out how to get photos in time can be stressful. But what if there was a way to eliminate the stress and have priority access to a photographer for your ongoing photography needs? This is where a retainer plan comes in.

What Is A Retainer Plan?

In the world of branding photography, a retainer plan gives you priority access to scheduling photo shoots. The specifics of retainer plans may vary depending on the photographer; however, by purchasing a retainer plan, you reserve some of the photographer’s time over a specified period. Retainer plans might be monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.

A retainer plan is a perfect fit for a brand needing updated or new photographs on an ongoing basis.

pair of earrings displayed as part of a new product line
Retainer plans help you easily book photoshoots to showcase new products

Benefits Of A Retainer Plan

You build a relationship with your photographer, leading to consistent brand messaging.

They get to know you, your brand, your objectives, and, most importantly, how you like to work. By working with the same photographer, you’ll receive consistent photos that align with your brand’s style and story.

Priority bookings

If you are working on something, or something is coming up, and you need photos, your bookings are prioritized, ensuring you get your pictures promptly.

Always have photos when needed

Never delay your marketing efforts or social media postings again. A retainer plan provides consistent photo shoots, ensuring you always have high-quality, on-brand images at your fingertips.

Creative ideas and options

The more you work with and share with your photographer, the more likely they will create new ideas and brainstorm valuable content. This is because the more your photographer understands your personality, goals, and vision, the better they can create engaging and on-brand photos that resonate with your audience.


Some photographers may offer a discount for the constant, steady work and the ability to work with the same brand, which also often reduces some of the back-office administration that comes with new client onboarding.

earrings and an example of product photography and retainer plans
Ensure you always have up-to-date images for your new products by opting for a retainer plan

Does A Retainer Plan Make Sense For You?

Assess your photography needs to determine if a retainer plan is right for your business.

Consider how often you get images now and how often you should be getting photos. Ask yourself what it would mean for your marketing efforts if you had more photos readily available. Are you a product or service-based company? If you are a product-based company, determine if it is important to regularly showcase new inventory. Consider whether you sometimes scramble to find a photographer who can accommodate your timeframe; if so, a retainer plan could be your answer. And factor in any new marketing initiatives, rebrands, or refreshes you have planned over the next year.

How To Optimize Your Retainer Plan

Scheduling regular photo shoots is the key to maximizing your retainer plan. Work closely with your photographer to plan and execute creative ideas and keep them informed about new products, services, and initiatives. Clear communication and feedback are crucial to creating a lasting relationship with your photographer.


Retainer plans are an excellent solution for businesses that have consistent photography needs. They provide fresh images, are cost-effective, and save you time.

If you are interested in learning more about my customizable retainer plans, feel free to reach out to discuss. I’d be happy to chat!

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